About us

We are the journey, soul travelers, we bring with us a little of the world, which is given to us by those who know us.

Those who are looking for us also want to know a new world, looking for travel comfort, beauty, efficiency, anticipation!

We are the starting point of who entrusts us with his house, and leaves for other “trips” knowing that when you return home you will continue to be the one left, having been looked after by a partner familiar!

And … we are the arrival point of those who want to start their journey, in this it’s our live!

The trust, commitment, and dedication of those who care for what is not theirs, allowing the rest and serenity of those who leave and who arrives!

My Holiday Home that is yours!

Hi, I’m Vasco” “Good morning, I’m Antonio” “Bye, I’m João

A MINHA CASA DE FÉRIAS is a company dedicated to the promotion and management of real estate for short term rentals since 2006

We are owners and also go on vacation, we know how to make a good income of his 2nd home.

  • Disclosure
  • Reservations
  • Check-in & check-out
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance

We are AMCF, Lda., a company that shares your trip!