Hygiene and cleaning measures – COVID-19

For A Minha Casa de Férias, cleaning has always been extremely important, with the safety of our guests and team members as the main priority. Nowadays being even more essential, we have reinforced our cleaning and disinfection practices, so that we are all more protected and thus we can reduce the spread of the infection caused by Covid-19.

We therefore want to share with you some of our cleaning and disinfection measures in our accommodation:

1. Use of personal protective equipment for all members of the cleaning team (masks, shoe protection and disposable gloves).
2. Ventilation of all room divisions prior to cleaning and disinfection in order to increase air circulation.
3. After cleaning, all frequently touched surfaces are disinfected, such as tables and chairs, window sills and handles, handrails (in the case of houses with stairs), switches, door handles, cabinet handles, controls, dishwashers, taps, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards, dustbins and keys to the accommodation.
4. Bed linen, sofa covers, towels, kitchen towels, and remote control bags are replaced at all guest outings. We exclusively use bed and bathroom linen provided by ELIS renting company.
5. After each cleaning, disposable materials are eliminated, such as gloves and masks, and are cleaned and disinfected, reusable materials or products, such as vacuum cleaners, cleaning cloths and other products.

Good vacation!